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Eric Marggraf Book, ‘THIS WAS THE RAILWAY’

This book is a new venture for us in that it is a sampling of the photographic output of a person considered by many to be Queensland’s best railway photographer – Eric Marggraf. His innovative and unique approach wonderfully captures railways in Queensland during the 1960s. Many of the images in this book come from […]

How to find the rosewood railway

We have two stations, Cabanda and Kunkala. Cabanda station has more parking facilities available, this is the place to start your train ride - Rosemount Lane, Tallegalla.

Kunkala Station is our depot (only limited parking available), if you are participating in a Driver for a Day, please arrive here, Freeman Road, Ashwell.

The Google map to the left shows the location of the stations, with Kunkala Station marked as "Rosewood Railway Museum".